27 September 2009

Women's Retreat

Thank you to my husband for allowing me and Mark to go on the women's retreat (Mark was only allowed because he is 4 months :)) this past weekend. I came home today and about 10 minutes later John and Julia walked in the door from church and Julia looked so beautiful. John did her hair and coordinated her shoes/outfit/hairbow...and she had on tights!!! My, my I was so impressed! All the little things that you worry about when you are not home, (will her teeth get brushed, will he brush her hair, will her outfit match,) all the details that mommies are good at that daddies sometimes don't remember. Not only was it nice to get away and hear a word from the Lord, but I got to share a room with my mom, and on Saturday we all took a walk along the beach and did our 2 mile Walk for Life! It was such a beautiful day.

Coming home was lovely, John had laundry done, the house was so neat and clean, and I was so glad that Julia behaved yesterday. Thank you Lord for caring about all the details and for such a loving husband.

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