27 November 2012

Florida Trip Part 2 The firehouse

 On Thursday, our 2nd day in Florida after we left the Ladouceur family we headed to Venice to be with John's family for Thanksgiving day.  Our first stop after checking in our beautiful hotel was to go to the fire house to see John's cousin Philip who is a Lieutenant.

The kids were SO excited about seeing a real fire house and fire trucks close up.  They got to try on all the gear and "drive" the truck (sit in the driver's seat).  They even got to see the ladder on the big truck go up, and meet other fire men and women.

It was so fun for them.  I think being a 3 year old and 4 year old is awesome because everything new you show them is just amazing and they enjoy everything.  This is why I would take them anywhere.  They were so good and so careful. 

Philip let them swing on the long ceiling rope and jump in and out of the workout tire (apparently the firemen have to train pretty hard and do lots of upper body work outs).

Each volunteer fire fighter gets their name on their hat...and the hats are so heavy!

Thank you Philip for the awesome tour and for letting us visit you at work.  It was so cool!

 We were able to have a hands on history lesson/field trip on our vacation!  It was amazing!

The kids will always remember their first trip to a real Fire house! 

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