16 November 2012

My Top Ten

Thankful List 2012

This has been a GREAT year.  So much to be thankful for and so much has been given to us by God that we did not deserve, but in His love and mercy and grace He continues to spoil His children and bless us above what we could ask or think.  Here goes...

1. Celebrating 9 Years of Wedded Bliss with my Best Friend John this past August in Cape May and Lancaster.  I'm so thankful for my John, my spouse, my love, my friend.  I think each year I love him more and for different reasons.  This year I love him more because of his honesty and his diligence and his compassionate heart.

2. Getting Pregnant!  This is at the top of my list because like Hannah in the Bible prayed and prayed and prayed for a son, I have prayed and prayed for another baby.  It doesn't matter to me what the gender is because a baby is a baby, but I just knew in my heart our family wasn't "done yet," many people have asked me, "Kristi, would you want more than three?"  And my answer is and will always be, "Of course!"  Whatever God gives us we will take.  I'm so thankful that God heard our prayers...because me and the children prayed faithfully at night for a baby to be born to us, and God answered!  Making 2012 even sweeter.

3. Surviving the first 3 months of pregnancy!  Oh this baby, I love you dearly, but the first 3 months were so difficult.  I was so nauseous and so tired and we even had a bleeding scare one day.  Click here to read that story.  But my husband, my in laws, my mom, and my friends really supported me in ways I can't even repay them, and right around week 12 and 13 I was fine!

4. Julia and Mark...I have the best almost 5 year old and 3 year old around, hands down!  No, they are not perfect but man do they have spunk, kindness, love, joy and personality.  They fill my day with questions, fun, and LIFE and I want to freeze them and keep them this little forever.  Joogie you are my star.  Marky you are my superhero.  (I can't say you are my best girl or best boy anymore because we are having our newest arrival this Spring...and their will be no favorites, but there isn't a Julia Star or a Mark Ciro that I could love more!)

5. Our home/neighbors.  After Hurricane Sandy I can honestly say I love our home and my neighbors.  The kindness I felt, the comraderie, the love, I will never forget those 2 weeks of bonding with my neighbors.  John from across the street brought us ice and water bottles so our fridge would stay cold during the power loss.  Rubin helped John fix a part of the house that got a little damaged in no time.  The neighborhood kids played with each other.  And everyone called or texted to see how we were doing.  Rubin even told us which gas station to use during the rationing.  It was awesome to see everyone help each other out.  I love my home because it still stands after the storm and not one tree fell onto our house miraculously and we have the tallest and the most trees in the neighborhood.  I love that we have a wood burning fire place because it kept our living room warm.

6. Surprising my Mother in law for her 60th in August...this year we got mom good!  We were able to throw her a huge party and totally surprise her!  She had no idea what we were up to and it was so great to finally bless her because she is always giving to us and making everyone's birthday special.  I'm so thankful for such awesome in laws.  They are always there to help us when we need it.

7.  Celebrating my Dad for his 60th in New York at the Blue Water Grill.  The July day was perfect.  We walked around and then we got to eat a fabulous meal and bless my dad who hasn't been to the city in awhile and he loves NY.  There's just something great about being able to spoil your own parents after all they have done for you growing up!  I'm so thankful for my parents and their love.

8.  Celebrating Laurie and Kelsey's wedding in May.  It's great to see Laurie and Kelsey so happy with each other and so in love.  We pray for all of God's best for them in the future.  We were thankful to be a part of their big day and even the kids got to be a part of the day.

9. It was with fear and trepidation (and joy) that I got to homeschool Julia this year for Kindergarten and Mark for pre-school.  I'm thankful that I can be home, that God is keeping me home, and that I'm able to teach both of them.  You would think a teacher by trade, a woman who has a Masters in Education would be absolutely fine with homeschooling, but let me tell you it is with much prayer that I continue to do it because it is hard work.  Teaching a room full of kids is way easier than teaching your own child, I don't know why, but for me it is.  It's just another thing that God continues to teach me how to do, He continues to stretch me, grow me, and show me grace through this process.  I'm thankful that I have kids who are smart like their Father!

10. Lastly, I'm simply thankful that God has allowed me to have a family, to be a wife and a mom.  Enough said.

Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us,

--Ephesians 3:20


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  1. Loved your Top 10 list....I homeschool too, it is a blessing but it is very hard work. I am an RN by trade, but hoemschooling my own kids is way harder than working 12 hour shifts at the hospital. I am glad for you for the new baby...that is awesome! Following from the Mingle...http:iwouldnttradenothingformyjourneynow.blogspot.com


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