28 November 2012

Florida Trip Part 3--Family

Not everyone knew we were coming to Florida...Grandma Sue was one of the people we wanted to surprise.  And let me tell you, when we walked in the door she was shocked, we even made her cry because she was so happy to see us!  Grandma Sue is a very very special lady to the McInerney's.  She is the best cook there is, she is extremely funny, and she is very detailed.  She had us all laughing when she started taking out her teeth at the dinner table (after dinner of course, not during).  Mark and Julia could not get enough of this, they couldn't believe she could do it.  Oh, the laughter and giggles and the stuff the kids said!  At one point Mark looked at Grandma Sue's sister Aunt Connie and goes, "Can your sister do that???"  They asked her about a million times to do it again and again...it was hilarious.

Aunt Kat is very special to us too.  When I turned 30 John flew me and Julia who was only 5 months at the time to Florida for the week to celebrate!  It was the best gift ever because I got to be with Aunt Kat.  She made my favorite cake, my favorite dinner and spoiled us rotten.  Well, 5 years later, she did it again!  This time to all 4 of us!  She not only cooked for us for Thanksgiving, but on Friday she brought us on her boat, to a private isaland to fish and she made us a picnic lunch.  Then Friday night she had us back over for dinner and dessert.  And all the while she kept showering us with gifts, engraved towels for the kids, fishing poles for the kids, toys for baby Micah, a recipe book with all her fav recipes for me, and that's not even all of it.  She sure does know how to make you feel loved and special.  Quality time, Acts of Service, Gifts, and loads of hugs and kisses!  She's the BEST!

Uncle Philip treated us so warmly, let the kids play around the house, drove us places, cooked for us (he cooked the 30lb turkey at thanksgiving, ok maybe it wasn't 30lbs but it was HUGE).  He also took time to show John his collections and just gave us his full attention.  Thanks Uncle Phil.

We felt so loved!  Thank you!!!  We also got to see Aunt Rose, (Uncle philips sister), Ashley, (Philip's girlfriend) and Aunt Patti and Uncle Dick.  The kids gave us live entertainment and we all left with smiles on our faces.


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