21 June 2015

Father's Day...everyday

Father of the Year

No matter what John puts his mind to, his heart and body are there 100%.

John has been an amazing Dad from the moment we found out we were pregnant with Julia.  Actually even before we got pregnant with Julia I had a glimpse at just how wonderful he would be because he always put me first.  He always did things with me and my needs in consideration and we all know that once you have kids it's not about you anymore it's about their needs.

John is faithful.

I trust John with my life.  He is always there for me.  He is always doing his best.  He is trust worthy and honest and we can count on him.  He faithfully goes to work.  He provides for all of our needs.  He is helping others in our community and he is someone I look up to.  He is involved with more than just his own personal needs and life.  He is constantly looking to God to mold him and shape him into the man God wants him to be.  And because of his faith in God he is faithful in the responsibilities God has set before him.

John is hard working.

John has 3 jobs.  He works in the city as a financial advisor, he owns a Taekwondo school, AND he's a dad/husband!  He's amazing.  How he balances it all is only by the grace of Jesus.  I know there are times he feels overwhelmed and stressed and I know it is during  those moments that I need to help him to relax and feel like I have his back and support all that he does outside of the home.   I love the role model he is for our kids because they know that since Daddy works so hard, Mommy is able to stay home full time and be available to them.

John is compassionate.

If you have never met John you wouldn't know this from pictures or stories, but if you've met him you would hear it in his voice.  You would see it on his face.  You would just sense that he cares deeply, loves deeply, and is just aware of people in a very tender and special way.  He is really just the best.  He puts others first.  He truly looks out for his fellow man.  Jesus has given him a special heart for others.

John is gentle.

I see this when I watch John hold our babies.  I love seeing him kiss boo boos and wrap injured fingers with band aids.  I adore watching him talk to Amelia our 9 month old and making the bigger kids laugh.  He is such a gentle Dad.  He loves his children and he tells them and lets them know it.  He never has to raise his voice because they are so aware of him.

John is reliable.

If John tells the kids he is taking them to work; he does it.  If he says he is coming to their recital; he shows up.  If he says he is buying them a new bike; he buys it.  He is always proving to me and the kids that his word is reliable.  And because of how reliable he is we trust him completely.  

On any given day the children tell me how much they miss him...especially Mondays.  After a full weekend of Daddy time...Mondays are the hardest for all of us to adjust to.  John is such a beloved Dad and I can't blame the kids for missing him so much because honestly I miss him just as much as the kids do.  When they say, "Mom, I miss Daddy, when is he coming home?"  I reply, "I miss him too."

We are so fortunate to have a hard working Daddy that makes time for us when he gets home.  Thank goodness for long bus rides back to NJ from the city because by the time he gets home he has decompressed enough to face 4 happy kids eager to tell him all about their day.

There is one thing about John that has never changed from day one.  He always comes home and kisses all of us.  It's one of my favorite parts of the day to see him greet all of the kids and to watch how excited they are to see him.  Even Miss Amelia who is only 9 1/2 months old wiggles and kicks with excitement when she sees John set foot in the door... she knows Daddy is home...she knows he is part of our team....she knows our unit is complete.  And she is just as happy and excited that he is there.

Dads are so vital and so special in every family.  I am so thankful I have John to help me when I need it, to balance me out when I am stressed or overwhelmed, to make me laugh when I need to loosen up, and to comfort me when I am scared or upset.  He truly makes being a Mom easy because I know I have my team mate there to help me.

Happy Father's Day honey!  I couldn't do half of what I do without you!  We are so lucky to have such an honorable and sweet, and amazing Daddy like you!  We love you!


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