08 June 2015

The Graduate (Our Son Mark)

He Crushed Kindergarten

This kid.

If you have ever met Mark you may have thought he was quiet and shy and perhaps a bit clingy to his parents.

But if you stuck around long enough to get to know him, and you gave him just a few minutes to warm up you would have deep theological conversations about God and the trinity, you would learn all there is to know about Star Wars Legos and Ninjago, and you would probably have to watch him ride his new bike around the block.

Mark is an amazingly bright, sensitive, and funny little guy.  I say little because even though he is only 17 months younger than Julia, his 25th Perentile frame is dramatically smaller than our tall 90th percentile daughter.

Mark is like his Dad in many ways.  He loves family time.  Mark enjoys having quality time with his father especially.  I often hear him asking John to play with him after he has just spent hours running around playing with him in the back yard.  He just can't get enough of his Daddy time.  He often asks me, "When is Daddy coming home?" Sometimes even soon after John leaves for work.

Besides Legos, and bike riding, Mark and Micah's new obsession is digging in the back yard for worms. (Yuck)  They come inside with dirt under their nails, grime on their face, and stories of all the other insects they found while digging.  Although it grosses me out it's cute to see the big kids play and explore together.

Let's talk about how Mark crushed Kindergarten.  This kid finished every curriculum and workbook I gave him.  He reads like a second grader and he did oral presentations each week in a 6/7 year old classroom at Classical Conversations this year when he was the only 5 year old present.  He not only memorized a slew of information about grammar, latin, history, science, math and geography but he learned the 50 states and capitals, and learned all the Presidents of the U.S.  This was also our first year taking the Standardized Tests.

In January, I finally switched Mark over to First Grade Saxon Math which he is still working on and will continue through the summer. He is such a hard worker and smart boy.  The only thing he really struggles with is making his bed quickly and keeping his room clean...but we have time to work on that and perfect that skill, and I constantly need to remember he's only 6.

Today is your big day Marky-Mark! We are so proud of you this year!  You are such an amazing Kindergartener!  Next year we will crush First Grade!


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