11 May 2009

5 Sure Ways to Upset a Pregnant Woman

Okay, so pregnant people are sensitive and hormonal...but not all non-pregnant people are very understanding of this and just this past Sunday at church I had really watch my words and actions because I almost punched a few people and said a few things I might have regretted if it were not for my amazing husband. I wouldn't want to lose my christian testimony. So, for all you people out there who have said something they regretted to a pregnant person here are 10 things you can be sure will upset her...

1. Reach out and rub her belly without asking (would you want someone to do that to you?) Just because we have a baby in there doesn't mean we want just anybody touching our bodies....I mean it is hard enough slowly losing your figure, and having this baby take over, but to have Joe Schmoe come over and touch your body is just not appropriate.

2. Be sure to ask her when she is due and state, "Because it looks like that baby could come any moment!" Okay, another sure way to make this mommy to be feel insecure about her growing belly bump, who are you to just say whatever you want about someone else's body. If you want to say something, say, "How are you feeling?" "You look great!" "How can I help you?"

3. Make comments like, "Whoa!" "Oh my!" "Are you sure there aren't twins in there!" This is definitely a sure way to boost mommy's ego.

4. Tell her you can tell she is having a boy or a girl by the shape of her body. Look, none of you out there can predict the sex of my baby, so please, please, please stop trying...it only makes us feel annoyed that you think you know more about our body, and God's plan for our family. Keep your predictions to yourself!

5. Tell her you know she is having a boy because her belly is all baby, or you know she is having a girl because the baby stole your beauty because your nose got bigger, lips got bigger, butt got smaller....PUH LEASE...Stop looking at our bodies and just for once put yourself in our shoes. Can you imagine gaining 30lbs in 9 months? Can you imagine not being able to sleep at night? Can you imagine having to go to the bathroom ALL the time? Can you imagine someone kicking you from the inside whenever they want? Being pregnant is a beautiful, emotional, spiritual, thing and people can really ruin the joy of the experience by being insensitive.

So do me a favor? Leave me alone... don't stare at my belly, don't touch my belly, don't mention my belly, in fact why not just say..."Hey Kristi, what's new?"

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