10 May 2009

Mother's Day

Today I woke up at 6:30 like most mornings, at the sound of Paris whining to go outside and Julia singing in her crib...I lightly closed John's mouth, snoring again, and he turned over.

He eventually got up a few minutes later and brought Julia in the bed with me while he took care of Paris...this is our morning routine. Then he brought up her soy milk and said he needed to quickly run to the store for some minor ingredients!!!

He came back with fresh pastries, a beautiful plant called Orange Star, so pretty, and bacon!!! We had our English breakfast...goat cheese, fruit, pastries, boiled eggs and bacon...mmmm delicious. Happy Mother's Day to me!!!

I have a great husband.


  1. You do have a great husband Kristi and he has a great wife; God has truly blessed you with each other. Thanks for allowing me to read your blog - it is a privilege to know you. Love your pictures sweetie!

  2. Thanks Christy...it is a great way to get out your feelings.


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