16 May 2009

True Confessions of a Stay at home pregnant mom

Rayna this article is for you...you inspired me!!!

1. I play on Farm Town on facebook during every nap session Julia has!!! Of course I make sure the house is clean first (eeeek!)

2. Taking a shower is a huge luxury to me...in fact it is the only time I am by myself and I make sure I take long showers because I know John is playing with Julia, and I am just trying to help them bond. LOL

3. I drink coffee and Coke Cola and Sprite...and I'm pregnant...I can't help it...I love caffeine...I love sugar!!!

4. I hate any mommy advice from anyone...I take it very personal I guess I feel like I know I'm not a perfect mom but I am doing the best I can and so I really don't appreciate someone else telling me how I should do something, besides, I know Julia better than anyone!

5. In the middle of the night if Julia cries I get mad at John if he sleeps through it but on the other hand I get mad at him if he asks me should he get her because I'm trying to sleep so why is he waking me up to have a discussion about it! Basically, he can't win! Poor guy!

6. I've gained 30lbs with this pregnancy and Julia weighs about 25lbs so when I have to carry all 55 of this extra weight, I am always out of breath and I feel so out of shape!

7. I haven't given Julia vegetables in a long time... a few weeks maybe...I try to make well balanced meals, but now that I'm this pregnant we have been having lots of pasta, pizza, and don't tell John, fast food!! Fast food is a curse word in our house (Julia had a chicken nugget today...and loved it!)


  1. hahaha.... i love it!!!
    i always drank coffee and still do (as a nursing momma)
    i also get offended when people give me advice...even when it is well intentioned.
    and showers...well, that is my ONLY alone time :) i love them!!
    and don't feel like you are out of shape. it is hard to breathe when you are pregnant! gosh, even just walking is tough :) i remember having to sit down when i got to the top of the stairs. and you look absolutely beautiful!!!!

  2. you are so sweet Rayna! thank you roomie!


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