31 July 2013

Julia's Dream

On the way to the zoo yesterday (during our 40 minute car ride) Julia shared with me and my mom that she had an interesting dream where she felt God was talking to her.

She dreamt that Grandma Judy took her shopping to get her ears pierced at Sweet and Sassy.  She got shiny earrings put in both ears, and they were beautiful.

She felt God was telling her that it was time to stop sucking her fingers so that her dream could come true. (we told Julia that getting her ears pierced would be a reward if she showed us she was big enough to have the will power to stop sucking her finger.)

When I heard her share this dream I looked right in the rear view mirror and said, "MMMMHMMMM!!!"  Julia cracked up laughing.  "What mommy?"  I said, "I think God IS telling you to stop sucking your finger missy!"

So....our next dentist appointment is in 2 weeks....lets see if Miss Julia follows her dream!!!

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