29 July 2013

Micah's Stats

Micah Justice...4 months old

My baby boy, is not so little.  He's 98th percentile for weight!  My 20lb 4 month old is already rolling over, holding his head up, talking, laughing, and eating cereal.

I am guessing he will be our early walker.  He's so strong!  My arms get a work out everyday just holding him and playing with him and carrying his baby carrier.

He is the most chill baby.  Even more than Mark was and Mark was very mellow.  Sometimes I forget he's in the room because he is just so content to eat his fingers, play with his toys and roll over.  He has even started to army crawl.

We were struggling with him sleeping at night for the past 2 weeks.  He was up 3-4 times to nurse, so the day before his 4 mos visit I started oatmeal cereal and he went back to sleeping 6 hour stretches and only woke up once at night time.  

He's a growing boy and we are so blessed and in love!  WE love you Mikey!!!!


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