01 August 2013

The Gym...The Pain is Worth it!

Suicides...burpies...push ups...planks...wall sits...tread mill...bicycle...v sits...squats...lunges...mountain climbers...warrior pose...the list goes on and on...

I've made a goal since Mother's Day (my gift was a gym membership) was to go to the gym 3-4 times a week and twice out of the week to meet with my trainer.  Every Saturday and Monday since then I've been training with Chris, my awesome trainer who used to be in the marines for 4 years.  He is amazing!  And he pushes me very hard!

I have never had to work out this hard since college (in college I worked out at the Rec Center faithfully doing kick boxing, step aerobics, cycling, and running).  Don't get me wrong I've always loved working out.  I love Denise Austin, I've done Leslie Sasone videos, kickboxing, yoga classes, even taekwondo, but nothing compares with having a personal trainer.

And Chris sets very high expectations for me.  He thinks I'm a lot stronger than I am sometimes...but because he pushes me I've had some AWESOME workout and some amazing results.

See this dress I am wearing in the picture?  It's a size 2.  After 6 weeks after I had Micah I tried wearing it.  I couldn't get it over my head.  But after working out with Chris...10lbs later, plus all the paleo diet, and juicing I've been doing...I wore this dress to a birthday party a week ago and felt awesome!

My other trainer Steve, a manager at Retro told me it's not about a target weight...it's about how you feel in your clothes...and that is so true!

So each Saturday afternoon, and Monday night...when I get home exhausted, sore, sweaty, and like jello, I realize that all this pain has been totally worth it.  I've never felt stronger!  I just added on more sessions so that I can keep this momentum going!

If you ever considered working with a trainer and if it would be helpful I would say go for it.  I don't think I would have been this successful without it.  Just going to the gym and running/walking on the treadmill is different than a total body workout.  That's the specialty of trainers.  They work your upper body, your core, and lower body.  I've never done this much strength and resistance training before!  And the more muscle you build the more fat you continue to burn!!!!!!!!


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