20 August 2013

A little bit of KINDNESS

A little bit of Kindness goes a long way...

In our household mommy is reminded that my words, my tone, my gestures, my everything is being watched by my children.

I'm learning that kindness starts with me.  Often the way I greet the kids sets the tone of the whole day.

I'm their main filter at this point.

The other night John and I were sitting at the kitchen table, and the kids started to argue in the basement family room and John yelled downstairs, "Stop yelling at each other!!" Then he and I both looked at each other and laughed...did he not just YELL at the kids to stop YELLING?  Who does that? (ME!)

As I sit here tonight after tucking everyone in, I think to myself "Love is patient, love is kind..." am I kind?  Will my kids think of me as a kind mom as they were growing up?  Will they feel comfortable to come with me to bare their heart about something important to them?  Have I created a safety and aura of kindness about me?

We have been struggling with Julia and Mark sharing, and being kind lately, and I have to wonder, what part do I play in that?  So tonight I am praying that God will change me to be kinder and sweeter (but still honest and real) and model the behavior I expect from them!


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