21 August 2013

YOU are a good MOM

I'm reading an awesome mom book right now that I got at a christian book store at Camp of the Woods (I am planning on doing a book club on it this Fall) and one sentence that stood out to me this week in my devotions was, "You are a good mom, my friend...even if like me you've had a few bad moments.  You are exactly the mom God knew your children needed.  Let's live in that truth today."

If you are anything like me...you are hard on yourself as a mom.

Let's face it we all have short comings, right?  And we live in our homes relatively excluded from the outside world knowing the truth about the real us at home.

No matter what...if God has gifted you with children...those children are precious gifts that need YOU.

YOU, with all your short comings, with all your gifts, talents, abilities...all of YOU.

YOU are fearfully and wonderfully made!  Don't let a few bad moments dictate your day.  Apologize to whoever needs to hear it...talk to God about it and move forward!

I really needed those encouraging words and so I thought I'd bless all the mommies out there with them too!


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