13 August 2013

Camp of the Woods Vacation

The Highlights:

1. 5 hour car ride with 3 little people...3 stops...lots of snacks, songs, and beautiful scenery as we headed upstate NY.

2. Got to our cabin around 4pm and the kids had their own room with BUNK BEDS! They were so happy.  Micah stayed in our room in his pack and play.  I loved our King sized bed.

3. Our view outside our back door was glorious...the lake, the beach, the sky...the sand...the mountains...it was awesome.  It was actually in the 70s up there...we got to wear jeans, and sweaters!

4.  Every day we walked to our meals at the Purdy Center.  We got 3 meals a day.  Delicious choices!  And guess what?  I didn't have to cook or clean!  Now that's what I'm talking about!

5. Sunday we went to church in the huge chapel.  The kids had their own classes to attend.  We kept Micah with us and of course, he just slept.  Monday through Friday we had chapel each morning at 9:15...we would drop all the kids off and go to worship and hear the speaker.  It was such a refreshing time to hear about God's Word, be reminded of God's promises and faithfulness, and be challenged in your faith.  I LOVED it.

6. After chapel we would pick up the kids and head to the Tee Pee for fresh cinnamon rolls and hot coffee...and we gave the kids a quarter each to buy penny candy at the candy shop!  They loved this tradition!  After we sat with our friends and chatted about the sermon or talk of the day we headed to our cabin to change, relax, and play in the sand, go to the playground, ride on the boat, go tubing, water ski, craft, play volleyball, or just hang out etc.

7. The kids loved the games we played and the freedom and safety of the camp grounds.  They especially loved having Daddy all to themselves and that he never went to work!  I loved that the staff cleaned our rooms every day and made our beds for us each morning!  What a nice break I had from chores!

8. The lake was a tiny bit cold but that didn't stop any of us from putting our suits on and swimming and boating and tubing and John even got to water ski!  He did great of course!  

9.  I loved that the kids got to play to their hearts content and we only had to stop to eat a meal!

10.  Going with a group of our friends was awesome because we got quality time with all of them to talk, to share, to just hang out...seven days wasn't enough when it's all your favorite people!  We loved our time there and we are praying God will allow us to go again next year!

Happy Anniversary my love, ten years was a blink!  Thank you for such a great vacation!


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