19 August 2013

First Day 2013

School is in Session!

Well, today, by God's grace we finished all the subjects I had scheduled (minus Math, which we started but need about 10 min. more to complete).

We started our day in reading God's word (Proverbs 3:5-6) and praying!  I hope that this will be our tradition because the day couldn't have gone any smoother.

We then read a book about Frogs (our theme this year...Fully Rely on God) and we read a book about going to the dentist since we had a cleaning today for both big kids before lunch time.  We then did our Dentist journal activity (we will do a writing/drawing entry every day).  This will make for a great keepsake come this June!

I showed the kids their binders, and work bins so they always know where to look for the days subjects/assignments.  One thing I learned as a school room teacher is that routines really help children to gain confidence and flourish because they always know what to expect.  Then we broke into one on one groups where I worked on a reading, spelling, and writing lesson with each child and they had to do their review work.

It was really encouraging with Julia (age 5...First Grade) because she remembered so much of what we did last year...we breezed through the typical review stuff in reading.  I was super encouraged by Mark (age 4...Pre-K) because he sat down the entire time and was so excited to do school.  He met every challenge and enjoyed writing, which last year was harder for him.  He did finish a good 45 minutes before Julia did, which was fine...he kept himself busy in the playroom and choosing his morning snack!

I think this year the kids will teach me just as much as I teach them.  I'm looking forward to lots of crafts, lots of reading, some science experiments, field trips, play dates, and especially our Home School coop at Lincroft this September which will be an all day event each week!

Team Mac is ready for school!


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