15 August 2013


First, a quick--Happy Birthday to my amazing mother in law Judy! She looks as if she is 30 years old, she does not age!  She takes such good care of herself and those around her.  Love you mom!

Our Family vacation to camp of the woods has set me ON FIRE!

John and I prayed that this vacation would not only be a refreshment to us, but change us for good.  And boy did it ever!

I left the beauty of the lake and mountains feeling so renewed, refreshed, and ready to really be a blessing to others, including of course, my family!  Going to chapel every morning from Sunday to Friday really does something to you.  It's like having a great Sunday for a week!  I am most excited that on the last day of chapel I heard a new life verse for me.  Isn't it great how God is always at work, always giving you a new song, a new purpose, and another chance to do things better?

Revelation 14:13 says, Then I heard a voice from heaven saying to me: Write: "Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on.  Yes says the Spirit.  That they may rest from their labors, and their works follow them."

I love that God is going to give us complete rest one day!  A rest from ALL of our hard labor on earth.  I think of all the moms and dads out their who commit to the labor of love in raising children.  I think of all the teachers out their who labor in teaching their students.  I think of all the single parents out their who must provide for their families and take care of the home.  I think of all the people who labor in their ministries in service of others.  I think of missionaries who sacrifice and labor for the unsaved.  This is not an easy life here on earth.  We all do some kind of labor.  And the cool thing is we don't often see the beauty and the big picture or the fruit of all our labor.  But this verse says one day we will...our labors, our works, will follow us. And one day we may meet people we never even knew that we blessed, or encouraged, or planted a seed on.  To me, that is so exciting!

Dr. Lutzer our speaker for the week at COTW talked about how we really need to think about and consider our ROI...return on investment.  What do you invest your time on?  Who do you invest your time in?  Where do you invest your time?  Or like me, do you find yourself wasting time?  Not on purpose of course, but never the less wasting time on things that do not matter.  Wasting time watching tv instead of praying.  Wasting time worrying instead of praying.  Wasting time gossiping instead of using your words to build and encourage others.  Wasting your time on facebook instead of.... you fill in the blank.

I felt so convicted as I sat in my seat.  I knew God was telling me I need to focus all my time and energy on making my family my greatest legacy.  I need to not get caught up being Super Mom or Slacker Mom and just be a godly wife and mother.  I want to invest my time in ETERNAL things that truly MATTER!  I want to invest in people's lives...starting with John, Julia, Mark and Micah.

God has set me on FIRE and I don't intend on wasting anymore time!!!


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