21 January 2015

Amelia at 5 months

It was time...

A few weeks ago Amelia had her 4 month check up.  She weighed in at a healthy 16 lbs just like her big sister weighed at her 4 month visit. (My Micah weighed 20lbs at 4 months...just to show you how hefty he was at that age)

Dr. Shih said she is doing awesome with just nursing (obviously she is gaining...at 2 months she was 14 lbs) He mentioned we could start her on solids when we were ready.  Signs I look for that a baby is ready to eat is if they are sitting up well, tend to grab for food that is in your hand, and seem to be hungrier at night.  

Amelia has been holding her head up well for a long time now and she enjoys standing in her exersaucer for more time now, and lately when I am eating things like an apple or popcorn I have noticed her trying to get what I am holding.  Also at night I feel like at her last feeding she was getting fussier than normal.  She sleeps a solid 11-12 hours at night but I just felt it was time to introduce some foods.

So tonight after dinner was over, and everyone had taken their bath and was just hanging out I decided to put Amelia in the high chair and try it out.

And by golly, I think she liked it.  

It was so cute to see her little facial expressions and watch her learn to swallow it down.  

I think the apple sauce was a sweet and tart place to start!  She enjoyed every bite and we even got her to laugh in between!  

So for the next few nights we will try the same apple sauce again (make sure she has no allergies) and then we will try a veggie like sweet potato or carrots.

I forgot how fun experimenting with baby food was!


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