03 August 2012


"Faithfulness may be the hardest of all fruits to grow in our lives."

 When I think of faithfulness I think of all the moms I know...day in and day out they work hard to care for their families.  Whether they work in the home or have a job outside, their hours our endless and their jobs are never done when they come home.  Moms always have a full plate, and sometimes sleep just isn't an option.

One thing I have learned about being a mom is not to expect a thank you.  My job is to care for them graciously, with love, and if I get a thank you or a kind word, great, but if I don't, I can't let that stop me from doing what I need to do.

This chapter in "Naked Fruit" by Elisa Morgan is all about how even when we are not faithful, God is always faithful to us.

2 Timothy 2:13 "If we are faithless, he will remain faithful." 

What a promise.

Elisa Morgan used the beautiful analogy of God planting an orchard for us in our very own back yard.  We didn't put the fruit there.  We don't even know how to grow this orchard of fruit without him.  Yet our only responsibility is to meet with the gardener each day, and learn from him, spend time with him.  It requires our faithfulness.  I don't know about you but being a mom is busy, and I can make a list of 30 things I NEED to do before the days end, but the most important thing I need is time with Him.

"You don't have to worry about any of that.  I have planted this orchard in your life for you.  I will care for it.  I will keep it healthy, I will be faithful to fulfill what I have planted here.  I only ask  a few things of you in response.  I will be here every day, working on this orchard.  I want you to come and be with me each day.  I will wait for you.  I want to walk with you here so I can explain the ways of the orchard to you."

Isn't that convicting to you?  It is to me.  God has done this marvelous work in my life.  He has given me His Salvation.  He's opened my eyes and softened my heart, and all He asks of me is pure faithfulness to be with me and get to know Him better.  And I can't even do that most days because I'm too busy.  Oh don't get me wrong I may read a few verses and say a few prayers, but I'm just not as faithful as I could be.  I don't sit and listen to what He has to say.  I rush sometimes.  I just ask for what I want.  I just beg for our needs.  Sometimes I forget to thank Him...faithfulness.

Isn't it sad that someone who is so faithful to us who requires so little of us, and yet we struggle to do what He asks?

"At times my work in your orchard will not be pleasant to you.  I will prune branches that are not growing.  I will stake up those that are leaning in the wrong direction.  I will transplant trees that need a better location.  As I do my work, I want you to remember that my goal is that your orchard grows fully and as freely as possible so that you and others in your life can fully enjoy its fruit."

Have you ever wondered why God allowed something in your life that wasn't pleasant?  Have you ever thought of it in a godly perspective way that maybe He was making your life better and that He knew what He was doing even in the midst of the hurt and confusion?

Remember, not only is our God faithful, He is good, and kind.  He doesn't do things to make us miserable and to feel horrible, He does things for our good and for the good of the bigger picture...we just might not be able to see it at the time.

The other part that is convicting to me is that God waits for me.  He sits there and waits and is always available to me.  He wants us relationship with us.  He loves us and woos us and draws us near.  He is so faithful.

"We mirror God's faithfulness by being true to him and true to others."

Back to mothers, and the faithfulness of  a parent.  They care for their children, they love them no matter what, and sometimes discipline is necessary for the child to learn and to grow.  Have you ever been around a child that had a parent who wasn't very faithful?  A parent who didn't really invest in their child?  What was their behavior like?  What about a child who disobeys their parents, who suffers?  Everyone around them right?

I think of my time with the Lord as a time for me to grow closer and as a time where I can be changed and be at my best to make life wonderful for my family that day.  The more recharged and more refreshed I am in Him, the more patient, kind and loving I am to those around me.

"Faithfulness may be the hardest of all fruits to grow in our lives."

Lord teach me to be more faithful to you each day.  Teach me to sit and talk with you and to LISTEN not just rush through the motions.  I want our relationship to grow so that my other relationships can blossom.

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