08 August 2012

Better with Time...9 year anniversary

Happy Anniversary

Some things just get even better than you could imagine over time.  That's how our love has been over the past 10 years!  You proposed on June 9, 2002, and on August 8, 2003 we tied the knot!

I'm so thankful for the man you are and the choices we've made together.  We've known each other since we were 16, and now we are 34 (still very young) and still very much in love.

So much has changed.  Career wise and house wise and now we have children!  God continues to stretch us and bless us when we are faithful to Him.  I just can't believe how good God has been to us over the past 10 years.  He's provided so many blessings so many opportunities. 

 In 2004 you surprised me and my parents during Christmas break when you took us all to Rome...remember how God blessed us with upgrading us to First Class and we had awesome seats and food service for 9 hours!  Not only did you think of blessing me but you honored my parents.  Thank you honey.

 I'll never forget how you surprised me with a trip to Paris over Christmas break in 2005...you got me so good, I really thought you were taking me to D.C.  What an awesome surprise and I got to see the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, practice my french and go to Versailles.  Places I had only read and dreamed about as an honor french student.

Thank you for always surprising me and thinking of me and being romantic.

In 2006 we were in Barcelona...

Remember we saw this bus labeled Julia and I felt it was yet another sign that we would be parents soon.

Then London in Summer of 2007...

And a growing belly...

Our first born daughter was born on Dec 31, 2007...still can't believe she listened to you talking to her and was born 2 weeks early and became our tax deducion baby...what a good girl!  born at 7:16 am and at 8.1 ounce.

Babe we got to spoil her for 17 whole months til mr. boy boy, our bonus baby son was born...

They have been such treasures...such gifts

Our love has grown and changed as we have parented our two kids and fought to have good communication during difficult work demands.  But honey you have been such a rock, and you have really sought the Lord, and that is why God continues to bless and deepen our marriage and our love.

9 years have gone by in a blink and I'm so thankful to have shared them with you my love.
Happy Anniversary!
We are a team...and I think we are a great one! 


  1. Happy Anniversary, anniversary buddy! I hope you both have a wonderful day celebrating your marriage. =) God bless your family!

  2. Found you through Happy-Go-Lucky, looking forward to following your blog!

  3. Happy anniversary. What a lovely family. I'm following ur blog to read more.


  4. Happy Anniversary! You have a beautiful family! Hopped over from the Mingle hop. Newest follower and would love a follow back.


  5. Stopping by from Mingle with Us and following. Happy anniversary!

  6. Hi im a new follower from the blog hop. You have such a cute family your children are so beautiful!
    I hope you can come visit me when you have time.

  7. Hello! I am following you through the blog hop! you have a very nice family...have a great day!

  8. What an amazing and inspiring story....you are right it does get better with time! My anniversary is next month, it has been hard but you just gave me hope! Your children are precious and no better gift than to have two loving parents to care for them.

    I am following you from the blog hop....and cant wait to read more about you and your family.

    my blog is http://queenoftheblingandotheramazingthings.blogspot.com


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