28 August 2012

Princeton Family Photo Shoot

Jump Start

I wanted to jump start the new school year and enter into the holiday season with some great family pics of the us with the kids.

My friend Erin is doing photography on the side while she raises her two little guys and she does an amazing job.

Our favorite place as a couple has always been walking around the Princeton University, eating at the Bent Spoon, and window shopping at all the Mom and Pop shops.  Now that we have kids, it's their favorite place too.

Click here to view some of our photos...I had Erin hide a few on purpose...we will post those in a week or two.

Hope you like them.  The kids personality came out very CLEARLY in the photos.  My favorites are of them with their super hero capes on.

And my absolute favorite is of John and I sneaking a kiss and the kids hiding their eyes (well Julia was supposed to but she couldn't help herself!)

I'm so glad to have the family pics done so that I can work on our Christmas cards and letters and not have to worry about booking any appt. when the season gets too busy!  One thing is checked off my list, that's for sure.

Thank you Erin, you are amazing.  View Erin's photography fb wall here.


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  1. Looks like so.much.fun. Maybe we'll do it some day! We've been talking and talking and talking...just maybe! Your rig looks lovely...like staying in a hotel! I was in Oregon last week, but not in fifth-wheel :-(
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