20 August 2012

What a Team

Fall is almost here...

These past 3 weeks have gone by so slowly, between planning for mom's big surprise party, our family vacation, and me being sick, it has felt like 3 months.

John and my family have taken such great tender care of me.  My mom has come over to cook meals, Julia and Mark have had their first sleepovers at the grandparents so I can rest.  And John has spoiled me rotten with date nights, cooking dinner for me and the kids, and just taking over when he gets home.  His big thing is taking the kids out to play at the park or taekwondo school and then out for frozen yogurt so that mommy can just rest.  Isn't he wonderful?

I'm looking ahead to the Fall now, less than 2 weeks away...we have Awana starting up for both kids, Julia starts Gymnastics and Chinese School on Saturdays, and I begin teaching on Fridays at our Homeschool coop in the PreK/Kindergarten class (I did that on purpose so I could be with both my kiddos).

Such an exciting time of the year.  I love August.  The promise of Fall.  The holidays approaching.  A little Miss turning 5 years old.  We have a lot to celebrate.

Thanks for being so patient with me during this time.  I know soon I will be back on the blog and back in the swing of things.  I'm really thankful for the team that God has given me in John and my kids.  They have been my right hand these past few weeks.  And I just love them all the more for it.

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