Today I feel so lucky to have my whole family home with me.

John took off work to spend the day with us and he just makes everything more easier and more fun.

We got to eat breakfast together.  We went to Dorbrook Sprayground.  We had a picnic lunch.  Then we went home for ice pops and baths.

Then John read the kids stories before nap time.

In the car I said to him, "I wish we could do this every Wednesday."

I'm so lucky to have such a great family and such a great hubby who I LOVE so much.


  1. what a happy family :)

  2. Beautiful family! I'm stopping by from the Mingle With Us blog hop!

    I look forward to connecting with you!


  3. Aww! What a fun family day! I always love when I get to spend the whole day with my hubby - but that usually only happens on weekends. But since this monday is Labor Day, I get and extra day with him!

  4. Beautiful blog! Following via the blog hop... stop by and say hello! :)



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