06 August 2012


August 15th her real birthday....

Oh man we got her good!!! We've been planning a surprise party for mom since right after Laurie's honeymoon in June.  It was Judy's 60th and we felt she really deserved a party!  We did the same thing for Dad a few years ago so it was mom's turn to be spoiled.

Laurie got the place/food, I worked on the invites/rsvp and decorations.  We invited about 75 guests and since it was in the summer and many people are on vacation we got about 50 to come.

What I didn't expect was to have the kids there...

But Mark had a fever on Wednesday and I wasn't sure how'd he do with a sitter on Saturday so we decided to just bring the kids...well they LOVED it.  They were the only kids there and they tore up the dance floor...I didn't even know Mark could break dance!  They got so much attention and Grandma Judy got bragging rights for the cutest most well-behaved grandchildren around...can you blame her?  

It was nice having my family there too, both my parents and sister Sara came to celebrate mom, she is a dearly loved and sweet person.  We call her Saint Judy.

It was nice being the culprits of this surprise...she thought she was coming to a ballroom dance Latin night with dad...her birthday is a few weeks away so she never even suspected!

The great thing with our family is we like to have good natured fun!  Who knew pink napkins could turn into wardrobe pieces?

Who knew Iron Man would show up!?
 There was so much dancing...the Mac-arena, the proud Mary, the chicken dance, the electric slide...and lots of latin music for the real dancers!

After all the yummy food we had yummy cake and a whole ice cream bar with all the toppings...I couldn't wait!  there's always room for ice cream.

 Did I mention how proud I was of my kids?  They were really good.

 A certain beautiful little girl did get tired by 9:30 though...

Happy Birthday to the world's best mom, who deserves all this and many more blessings this year!

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