28 March 2011

How do you do it series...the schedule

                                                          My Daily Routine


* 1 load of laundry
* clean kitchen counters
* empty coffee maker
* clean dining room
* empty dishwasher


* fold laundry
* vacuum living room rug/floor (spot clean/quick)
*prep dinner
* clear counters of clutter
* get mail


*put laundry away
* sweep/vacuum kitchen floor
*set coffee maker for a.m.
*make John's lunch
*Prep milk cups for kids
*run dish washer
*empty kitchen trash

I have my routine posted on the inside of one of my cabinets.  In the morning, or throughout the day even I just check to see how I'm doing.  It helps me to have a guide, and a reminder of what I need to get done.  I also feel better leaving the house to go on a play date or the library after I know I have my morning chores done.  During nap time I do my best to get my afternoon chores done, and sometimes I sneak vacuuming in while the kids are sipping their last cups of milk and watching a video before 12: 30 nap.  I've been super kind to myself lately and have allowed a 15 minute nap time for myself which is just wonderful.  I snuggle up with a book and then allow myself to doze off and rest before prepping dinner.  My evening chores don't get done til after dinner and bath time is over, and sometimes John is already home and is playing with the kids before story and bed time.  And yes, there are still women out there who pack their husband's lunch, sometimes John helps and other times I get to do it all and sneak in a few extra treats and a note!  How else can I encourage/bless the man I love?

                                                              My Weekly Routine

Sunday- Garbage Night

Monday- Downstairs bathroom, 1 load of laundry

Tuesday-Vacuum and dust dining room and living room

Wednesday-1 load of laundry, garbage night, dust and vacuum all 3 bedrooms
Thursday-1 load of laundry, wash kitchen floor and laundry room

Friday-vacuum and dust basement, clean 2 bathrooms upstairs
Saturday- 2 loads of laundry, clean the playroom

This weekly routine allows me to be able to get to all areas of the house throughout the week and doesn't make weekends crazy with chores. Doing chores throughout the week allows Saturday and Sundays to be mainly family days and it is so great to have John home on those days, I don't want to be bogged down with chores.  We are able to take the kids to the park, out to dinner, or to the mall to play on a whim because our house is clean!  This weekly routine is right on my fridge and I look at it the most because I always forget what day it is!


  1. Wow, great ideas! I think I need to do something like this. Now that I'm home more often, I have technically more time to clean and organize, but i'm always amazed at how quickly time gets away from me. Having a routine would probably help me out a lot!

  2. Thanks for the tips! Being a new stay-at-home mom-figure, I've discovered I need a schedule, particularly for the household chores!!

  3. SUPER POST!!!! Love this series especially! xoxo -C


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