21 March 2011

Spring is Here!!!

We are so thankful for God's handiwork in our lives.  It never ceases to amaze me that the God of the universe answers my prayers and pays attention to the likes of me.  The same God who changes winter to spring.  The same God who makes all things new.  The trees that were once dead and bare all winter, are now budding to life!

Spring is here, and with it comes the winds and the rain!  We are so thankful for the warmer temps and the green grass beginning to grow.  This weekend was beautiful.  Friday was 78 degrees and the parks were full of families.  I've never seen so many kids and pregnant mamas!  It was such a sight!  Thank goodness I dressed Julia in yellow and Mark in orange.  They were easy to spot anywhere!

We took the kids bikes and cars and Radio Flyer out and our front yard and side walk are fun places to hang out now!  Once it gets a bit warmer it will be time for chalk drawing!

Things are starting to wind down in the Mac household.  My ladies bible study group ends the middle of April.  John preached today (he's been prepping for 2 months now), and May is my last month teaching K-5 Sunday School.

But we do have some fun things to look forward to...Mark turns 2 this May (party planning time) Spring cleaning begins this week (I'm dedicating one day a week to an hour of Spring Cleaning)  and soon Julia will have her Gymnastics recital in June.  We will also have some new Spring/Summer play dates to the zoo and farm, and beach! There is never a dull moment.  And God is always good...and there are some other fun announcements, but we will wait to share those!  Just to build some suspense :)

I'm thankful for you Spring!

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  1. I can't wait to hear what announcements you have! Oh, I can't wait!


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