30 March 2011

What will she say next?

I love my Julia!  I love her questions.  I love her voice.  I love her face, her curls, her thumb, her smile, her independence, her creativity, and her words.


I have found that being 3 means Miss Julia is starting to not only be curious about the people in her world, but she is becoming very bold, and sometimes she says things that might not be taken too well.  What to do?

Here are some things my Julia has said recently that have made mommy very embarrassed.  Now, I know Julia is only 3, and she really doesn't know that the things she says could hurt someone's feelings, or sound inappropriate, but what would you do if your child said the following things?

This incident happened at CVS...we were in the medicine aisle, when a rather large man, with a rather large belly walked by.  Julia said (very loudly) "Look mommy, he has a baby in his belly!"  (I was M O R T I F I E D)  The man kept walking and laughed his way down the aisle.

At church while worshiping, I was holding Julia on my hip and it was time to greet the people around you.  I shook hands with the couple behind me and said, "Good Morning!"  Julia said, "Mommy, she has a black face." (Julia has seen people of all shades, sizes, and types, why, oh, why would she care to mention this point now?)  To my blessing, I do not think the woman heard her, but I could be wrong.

We recently had some friends over, and usually they bring a toy or outfit for the kids, which is totally not necessary, and honestly, I didn't even think my kids noticed, but after story time and prayer time.  Julia looks right at our guest and says, "Where is my gift?"  Oh, my word?????  How rude!

At the post office we saw an older man with a beard and Julia yells, "Look mommy, Santa Claus!!!"  Help!  Of course there was a long line and every one laughed and smiled, but the poor gentleman did not think it was so cute.

At Body and Soul, a Christian book store, we were shopping for cards when Julia saw a man with a pony tail.  This really confused her, and as he walked near us I pulled her close to me and said, "Julia this is quiet time."  Because I knew.  I knew she was going to say it.  And five minutes later she said, "Boys don't have pony tails!!! Only girls have pony tails!!!"  Oh vey!

In all of these incidents I tried to make these teachable moments where I told Julia that her words could hurt someone's feelings, and that we don't make comments like that.  But she just looked at me and said, "Why?  What did I do?"  She really didn't understand.

So...my question is for you?  What would you do?


  1. Oh, the joys of a three year old with a vast new vocabulary and world to explore and put together. Just keep doing what you're doing and laugh. Her comments are completely innocent and darling. Soon enough she'll learn appropriate ways to speak and then you won't have these funny quotes. Addie is at the same stage, and I have decided to teach and then laugh to myself. They will grow out of it much too soon.

  2. Oh my word. I was giggling so hard as I read this! And yet, I totally feel your pain. I had to deal with that as an older sister and as a nanny on many occasions! I think people are generally very understanding when it comes to kids, but it's still good that you are gently teaching her to be careful with words. It's never too early! =)

  3. Great question Kristi! Can't wait to read the wisdom from your readers. And Julia is soooooo very cute - can hardly stand it. xoxoxo C

  4. keep her home locked in the basement, rude little child she is!! :)) kiss her for me please...cause my favorite was the baby in the belly.

    one time when christian was little we were in A&P and a muslim woman, i guess, was dressed in one of those head to toe covered blanket things, where only her eyes were showing, but it was all black. so she rounds the corner and comes in our aisle..christian goes...uhh...look mom, it's darth vader!!

  5. Oh Julia!! I couldn't help but laugh at some of them, but oh my goodness, I'm so mortified for you, Kristi!!


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