07 March 2011

We're Back!

Good Morning!

Today my verse I am meditating on all day is:

Micah 6:8 He has shown you O man, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you, but to do justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God?

This weekend we were sick with a stomach virus, but today is a new day, bright and sunny and we are all feeling MUCH better!

Let me give you some "Kristi Updates" ...

Julia's new phrases are:

"Mom, two more minutes!"  This phrase comes up around bed time, nap time, library time, teeth brushing time, doll time, you get the idea...she always wants two more minutes, and when mommy gives her two more minutes she is shocked that they went so quickly!

She also now says, "Of course!"  Julia, can you get Mark's diaper for me? "Of course!"  Julia, can you grab Mark's milk cup.  "Of course!" Julia can you share your snack, "Of course!"

Mark's new phrase is..."NO!" said with a very big smile.  Mark, share with Julia. "NO!" as he runs in the opposite direction.  Mark, off the couch.  "NO!" As he climbs back on.  Mark, no more water fountain. "NO!" As he tries to get more water.

His other new word is "Fun!" and "Happy!" Yesterday we picked him up from my in laws after we saw a movie and the first thing he did was run into my arms and say. "Fun!" So I knew he had a great time!

The next few weeks are super busy for me with teaching Ladies Bible study, speaking in HS chapel and helping to organize/attend a church baby shower.  Not to mention my John is preaching in two weeks for two services on Sunday, and I feel like I am going to be right up there with him (emotionally of course).  So God is good, expanding our borders, stretching us, providing for us, and continuing to show us love and mercy and teaching us to be fully dependent on Him and humble.  All good.


  1. Aw, don't you just love that phase when they discover the word "no"? =) That's awesome that John is preaching in a few weeks! Is he studying to become a pastor?

  2. So sorry you guys were sick! Soooooo glad you are back!!! Thanks for the updates K! xoxo C

  3. Thanks Mikalah...he's half way done with seminary (but is taking a break due to a heavy 70 hour a week + work load). He would love to pastor a church some day...we are waiting on God for that one!

  4. It is so good to have you back, Kristi! Who can resist that little face when he says, No! I certainly can't!


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