06 February 2009

Exhausted Fridays

One of my biggest fears of being a mother of two is that I will have no down time. At least now with Julia and even at the start with Julia she does and did really good naps. She has always been a good sleeper for me. Since 8 months she's been doing 11-12 hours at night and she still does 2 naps a day ranging from 1 hour to sometimes 3 hours per nap. Usually the morning nap is a quickie, but her afternoon naps are great because I can clean up for 30 minutes, and then read and do my devotions for 30 minutes and take a nap myself. What about when baby 2 comes? How will I ever find that time to just be still and quiet?

That's something I loved about teaching. I gave 100% frin 8:25 am til 3:05 pm, but once the last group of kids was walked over to aftercare it was totally quiet and I could get so much done. I could enter my grades, plan the next day, do lesson plans, clean my classroom, sit in my chair...I really miss teaching sometimes...on days when Julia and I have Mops or Ladies Bible study or our Library Mommy and Me class I feel totally fulfilled and so happy that I get to spend these moments with her, but on days when we are in the house all day long, it makes me wonder how moms did it long ago when they had no cars, or parks, or malls. My house would make me crazy if I had to stay put all day.

Even going grocery shopping is something proactive to do, although, I like grocery shopping as a family better. John always makes everything so fun. Anyway, I am just so tired today, and we are about to have company for dinner. John is actually coming home early today for our special guests. It will be very nice.

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