13 February 2009

Seminary...the Pastor's Wife

Julia is taking her morning nap and after I shower and clean up the breakfast table it is so quiet and peaceful in the house. John is quietly reading one of his many books for seminary this semester. Poor guy has to read sooooooo much material and write weekly papers. I am his biggest fan though. I know that whatever God has in store for us as long as we continue to seek Him it will be amazing. I can't imagine being a pastor's wife, although growing up I secretly always wanted to be one. I even tried learning how to play the piano. But when you try to learn the piano when you are in your 20's and are working full time and don't practice then you aren't going to be too successful. I'll never forget when John came to my recital at the church, a three year old played this Mozart or Bach piece flawlessly and he looks at me after I played "When the Saints come Marching in", and says, "Wow, babe that 3 year old played way better than you did!" I really don't remember if that's what he said, but I remember thinking after that recital that there was no way I was going to keep trying to do something I just wasn't meant to do. LOL I think I could still be a good pastor's wife someday.

John and I would always say that he and Bill Weaver could start a new church somewhere in PA. I would love that idea. It is so peaceful there, not rush rush rush like here in NJ. I love visiting the Weavers and going to their church. Just being with them is amazing.

Well, I better start some laundry.

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