25 February 2009

Food Poisoning

It was supposed to be a romantic evening for two. John and I were so excited to have a night out to dinner while Aunt Sara babysat Julia. Little did we know that in the next 6 hours we would be on the worst stomach roller coaster ride of our lives! John wined and dined me in Middleton at Nicholas, one of the best restaurants in the state of NJ. We arrived at 6 and left at 830. We had a 5 course meal. It was so delicious and the service was amazing.

We bid Sara goodbye and John stayed up to do some seminary work. I cleaned up and relaxed on the couch. Sometime around 1 am I heard poor John in the bathroom vomitting. Poor guy, I thought, he has such a weak stomach, I guess something didn't agree with him. Little did I know that in an hour I'd be in a different bathroom, being 6 months pregnant, and lying on the bathroom floor praying that the pain would just go away.

For the next 5 hours we both had a combination of vomitting and diahreah (now that I'm a mom I am very blunt about bodily functions). We tried desperately to sip water or drink gatorade and every time it would come right back up. At 6 am I called out of work (I was due to sub for 3rd grade). At 7am John called his parents to help us with Julia. Thank God for my in-laws they were amazing. We called my doctor and he wanted me to see if I could drink anything and keep it down by 12. At 1130 I was still vomitting, so my father in law drove me to the hospital where finally I was able to get some liquids in me by IV. I was checked in by 1, and by 4:30 my dr. visited me and my blood work came back justifying that I did not have a stomach virus (normal white blood count) but indeed a nasty food poisoning.

By 5:30 I was home to find my daughter Julia very unhappy. Little did I know her stomach virus that she was battling with a few weeks ago, came back! HELP!!

Monday night we all settled into our routine, John stayed home from work, Julia went to bed at 745 and we were all able to sleep peacefully throught the night. Thank goodness for good doctors, family to help, and IV's!!

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