04 February 2010

Book Club Thursday-Confident Woman Ch. 5

The Confident Woman by Joyce Meyer
Chapter 5

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Today is all about the Proverbs 31 woman! She is amazing and does it all! She is superwoman who is able to maintain family and a successful business and is known favorably in her town. Her family loves her and she is able to balance family and work effortlessly. She is a woman who we all read about and want to be like. How is she able to do all this and have a family who praises and loves her? What makes her different? How was she able to balance it all?

Let's find out! Joyce Meyer calls this chapter: The Woman I did not like. She makes me laugh--Joyce! Me on the other hand, I've always read this chapter and thought I want to be JUST like her!!! I even had Christy Weaver read this passage at my wedding as a reminder of what kind of wife I wanted to be to John.

Joyce takes each verse 10-31 and discusses just how this amazing woman was able to be so amazing...and honestly, we all know how...she couldn't do it all in her own strength...she was obviously spiritually mature and was fully reliant on her Lord. She comforts and encourages others (her husband especially) because she is comforted and encouraged by God. We can't give to others what we haven't received from Christ...that's just a fact. I love how Joyce says, "A spiritually mature woman will be the first to do what is right even if nobody else is doing so." We need to have that mindset of "audience of one" we should not be out to please others, only God...and by being obedient to him he richly blesses us so that we are indeed a huge blessing to others.

I love verse 15: She rises while it is yet night and gets spiritual food for her household and assigns her maids their tasks.

I know so many moms who wake up even earlier than their little ones just to have quiet time with the Lord. It is a sacrifice, yes, but one that will never ever be regretted. We all need those quiet moments, sometimes on our knees, just praying for our family and friends and for the day ahead of us. If you haven't done it yet, take time to do it now. God is in the business of making all things new and each encounter with Him really helps to put things all in perspective. I've also found the earlier I get up and get my day started I am able to accomplish so much more off my own "to do list"...not everyone is a morning person, though, so do what is best for you and your family. God will bless the time you spend with him.

Verse 16 She considers a new field before she buys or accepts it...

Joyce says, "Oh how much better life would be if we took the time to think about what we are about to do before we do it."

This is so true...how many of us (me especially) have said, or done something that we wish we could take back or undo...if we only gave it more thought and time and asked God for guidance and wisdom we would have seen the error of our ways...am I right? I am one of those people who acts quickly before thinking and trust me, it has gotten me entangled into not so fun situations that I've had to apologize my way out of...Lord help us to "consider" and stop and think more before we act or speak.
Joyce says, "He who is hasty almost always ends up unhappy." "Emotionally driven people usually lead frustrated lives."

Verse 17:She girds herself with strength (spiritual, mental, and physical fitness for her God-given task) and makes her arms strong and firm.

I knew I liked this woman! She exercises! Love it! I guess because I grew up in a very athletic home, my dad played college football, baseball and softball, my sister was a successful track runner, my mom always took ballet and dance classes, I have always loved physical activities. And being married to John, Mr. Athlete of the year, who still wakes up at 5am each morning to work out before going to work, has given me a love for exercise! It feels so good to use your body and get your heart pumping. This woman obviously took care of herself and her body. Joyce says, "As a Christian your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and you need to keep it in good condition so God can work through you the way He desires to." She also says, "I have finally decided that, to do what I can do is better than doing nothing at all." This is so true, some people love to walk, or run, or play sports, regardless of what you love as long as you are moving each day and at least exercising a few times a week it all makes the difference. We know all the benefits of exercise, but we all sometimes need a little extra push...I find that walking with my mom, or sister, or the kids around the block is more fun for me because I love to walk and talk and having a buddy always helps. I can remember being so pregnant with Julia and my mom and I meeting at the track every other day and walking 2 to 3 miles and loving those times of bonding (and burning calories!) Even Debi Hech and I once Julia was born would put her in the stroller and do our prayer time outside walking around her very large neighborhood, and we would talk and pray as we kept Julia occupied in the stroller. I loved it.

Verse 19: She lays her hands to the spindle, and her hands hold the distaff.

She doesn't waste a minute. She is always working with her hands. Joyce says, "We are not created by God to waste anything He has given us and time is certainly one of the greatest assets we have."

Verse 20: She opens her hands to the poor...

Do you see how awesome she is? She is always thinking of others...now the poor! Joyce says, "I have learned over the years, though, to be an aggressive giver; I look for opportunities and it makes my life exciting and fulfilling." You know what, I totally agree! Whenever I am starting to feel down, or discouraged...I take out my pen and stationary and start my correspondence with people I just love and want to bless, then the focus is off of me, and I really do feel better afterwards!

Verse 21 She fears not the snow for her family, for all her household are doubly clothed in scarlet.

This was awesome how Joyce brought up the scarlet thread from Joshua (Rahab with a sinful past) and how it represented the Savior who was to come. Perhaps she doesn't fear for her household because she has "covered them in prayer with the blood of the Messiah!" What a great reminder how we should be constantly praying for our unsaved loved ones and people we are in direct contact with who don't know Jesus.

Verse 23: Her husband is known in the city's gates...

I truly believe her husband is so well known because of how well she takes care of him and their family. Behind every great man is an amazing woman! Ladies, let's remember to pray for our husbands, uplift them with our words, and compliment them with our personality and our words. The more kind words you encourage your husband with you are truly benefiting your whole family. Men need words of affirmation. At least mine does. That is one of his love languages. I love how Joyce says "Make a decision to be the kind of wife that will cause others to believe your husband is blessed because he has you." ooooh I love that, what a great thing to aspire to!

Verse 25: Strength and dignity are her clothing and her position is strong and secure...

I love how she is able to boldly face the future and she sure sounds confident to me!

Verse 26: She opens her mouth in skillful and godly Wisdom, and on her tongue is the law of kindness...

Have you ever sat with a sister in Christ and just listening to her speak makes you feel like Jesus is right there!? I have...for example just last night, my friend Miriam came over for dinner and me and John and her all sat at the table and listened to her talk, and I was so proud of her! She is so wise and so kind, and is 30!!! But she sounded like a 90 year old veteran of the faith...so much wisdom, now her father was my dean at Baptist Bible College, so she has amazing parents, but she also has made a choice to follow Jesus and to walk in obedience and to think biblically, and it shows! I could listen to her for hours. Joyce also says, "You actually talk to yourself more than you do to anyone else. Be sure what you are saying is something you want to live with..." Our words and thoughts are so powerful...and I fall so short in this department, thank goodness for hope in Christ, because he works with us daily.

Verse 27: ...the bread of idleness she will not eat...

Joyce says, "She doesn't waste her time in things like sitting around gossiping or wallowing in self pity." Ummmm....very convicted here because I have done both! I need to not let these things rule me. I need to have a positive attitude and not talk about people or situations that I only know one side to!

Verses 28-29 Her children rise up and call her blessed...many daughters have done virtuously,...but you excel them all...

She is the best wife anyone could have! Awww, I love her! She exceeds them all! There truly is no better feeling than doing your best for others around you whether it be friends, a husband, your kids, your students, because when you know you've done your best you can confidently hold your head up high! With a great big smile and say, Lord, I gave it my all!

Verse 30: Charm and grace are deceptive, and beauty is vain, but a woman who reverently and worship-fully fears the Lord, she shall be praised!

My favorite verse of all...beauty doesn't last, but honoring God is eternal. Period.

Praying for all of you my sisters in Christ, that we can all honor God with our lives as an act of worship to Him for all He has done for us...truly there is nothing more attractive and confident building than loving and serving and honoring your creator!


  1. I loved your verse by verse insights. Great way to break down the chapter.

  2. I agree, it was nice how you broke it down verse by verse! I aspire to be a proverbs 31 woman.

    Your kids are SO cute, by the way! Love those curls!

  3. thank you suzette and michela!

    michela...i love julia's curls too...thx!!!


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