28 February 2010

My Girl--26 Months

My Joogie,

You are doing so many fun things now! I love your personality. In church today, for example, you were the "greeter" of the nursery. Every new child got a warm "Hello!" when they entered. You were also the "mommy" as you told the boys, "No running!" (A few minutes later you were found on top of the snack table...hmmm?) As I picked you up from nursery you said "Buh-bye Holly! I love you!"

Your Schedule

6:00 a.m.-humming in your crib (mommy doesn't get you until 6:30)
6:30 a.m.-soy milk and Barney is on PBS
7:00 a.m.-breakfast with Mark
7:30 a.m.-get dressed, brush teeth, brush hair (while watching Sesame Street)
8:00 a.m.-playtime while mom dresses Mark and cleans up
8:30 a.m.-Baby Faith video with Mark (mommy showers)
9:00 a.m.-school and books and playtime
10:00 a.m.Library (Monday)
Church (Tuesday)
Errands (Wed)
Library (Thursday)
Playdate/Errands (Friday)
12:00 Lunch
12:30 books/playtime
1:00-3:00 naptime
3:00-5:00 (different everyday) playtime/errands/playdate
5:00 p.m.-Dinner
6:30 -Daddy Comes Home!!!
7:30 p.m.-brush teeth/books/Bible story/special songs/prayer

Julia you are drinking out of a cup like a big girl, no lid! We are working on potty training and you are doing pee pee in the potty! (chocolate is a great reward! especially hershey kisses and m&m's. They are your fav!)

We are working on sharing more with Marky and being nice to him when he plays with our toys, right? (mmmhmmm) You are very good with sharing with friends. And you don't like to see anyone left out or crying.

I'm so proud that now you can climb up into your carseat and pull on the seat-belts! You get very proud of yourself too, when I check and say, "Wonderful!" This is such a time saver since I have to click Mark in too.

I'm so excited JuJu because this week we are starting our new Bible Memory Passage! Now that you are speaking so clearly and able to copy what mommy says, I really think this is a good time to start practicing memorizing scripture together! I can't wait to practice. I'm going to teach you the first part of Psalm 23 tomorrow!!!



  1. Oh, JuJu!!! Can I even begin to say how excited I am for you and mommy because of al of the wonderful things you are doing! You are such a big girl and doing so much. We love you bunches and bunches. Hope your day today is filled with adventure and fun...and I hope you surprise Mommy with something new. Hugs and kisses from your Florida family.

  2. We love our Florida family...sure wish we could see you soon!


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