23 February 2010

Julia and Judah

Valentine's Day weekend we had Christianne and Grant spend the night at our house since Lou and Jan would be speaking at the Missions Conference on Saturday and Sunday at church. We were so excited to have them over and little Judah (18 months). Julia loved having a playmate. They played with the tea set, watched Barney together, shared toys, ate meals together, it was awesome. Everytime Julia woke up from a nap or from bedtime her first word was "JUDAH!" She didn't want to miss any fun with him.

I loved seeing them together! It's like Julia had her very own Valentine!

Also, thanks to Christianne and Grant, after we came home from church Saturday evening and tucked the kids in bed, John and I were able to go out on a date! It was so nice to roam around Barnes and Noble and hold hands and just talk without any interruptions. We also got a bite to eat at a restaurant, and guess what we ended up talking about most of the time? Our kids! LOL We had to stop ourselves and really just talk about some things in our own little worlds...it was so very nice! Thank you Grant and Christianne for blessing us with your company!

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