17 February 2010


Oh dear! What would I do without John?
Where to begin...well, it was an ordinary day, with breakfast, library craft class, we made Lincoln hats, lunch at home with daddy since he was off b/c of the holiday, nap time, and then I decided after nap time to bust out the double stroller and take both kids to the Old Bridge shops because there is a Baby Gap and I knew Mark needed pants (he is getting so tall) and I knew with the holiday they would have some sort of sale, plus I had a coupon! So, I was very excited!!! I put the kids in the car and we were on our way.

Once we got to Baby Gap I realized everything in the store, sale and regular priced was 45% off!!! What a find! My total came to $125 and with the 45% off I spent $68!!! John would've been so proud! Anyway, as I was done I headed into one of my favorite stores, Ann Taylor Loft...but both kids were getting antsy and fussy so I cut it short and went straight to Panera Bread to get our favorite loaf of Asiago Cheese bread because I thought it would go well with the Chicken Chili I made...this is when a bit of the drama began...I offered Julia some Valentine candies that my mom had given her (the little hearts) and she said No, she didn't want it. That should have been a huge sign right there. Julia saying no to candy is like it snowing in July.

I hurried out with the bread. I packed both kids back in the car. Folded up the stroller...and as I drove home a police car was behind me. Actually an SUV one. I carefully moved out of his way and continued driving. The closer I got to the train tracks I saw a cop car parked on the right. Now, with the snow in drifts, and people parking on the streets it is hard to navigate down County Road which leads to Rt 35. And as I passed the parked cop car, I sideswiped it and heard a loud SCRAPE!!! My heart stopped and was pounding....do I pull over (Now Mark is screaming to get out of the carseat and Julia and I are trying to calm him down). I can't pull over, the car was empty, which means a cop is busy in someone's house. Do I wait? Do I knock on random doors? Aaaaaaah. So. I drive home. I take the kids out of the car. I bring them in the house...and I feel horrible, guilty, horrible. I lock the door, then I go back outside to check my car...yup, it wasnt a dream, there is a huge scratch on the side of my car...oh, no.

I go back inside and Julia is standing waiting for me to help her with her coat...VOMIT...VOMIT...VOMIT!!! Julia begins to cry! I begin to comfort, and now I am in clean up, and bathe mode! I call John, who was studying at the library and he rushes home. The minute he gets in the tears come and I tell him...I hit a cop car. "What happened?' I tell the whole story again. "Wait, tell me again," he says with a smile? Okay, why is he smiling? I repeat the story and he quickly calls a lieutenant he knows of Old Bridge...she makes some phone calls and talks to the cop that I hit, who said that there was a little paint scratch and his mirror was pushed in, but no harm was done! She jokes on the phone, "John, we won't have to pick you up tonight?!" Apparently, everyone else thinks this is funny!

Anyway, we took care of feeding Mark dinner, and nursing poor Julia back to health. She basically vomited a few more times that evening, but we did get her to drink some water and she slept completely through the night. John looks at me and says, "Honey, you did the right thing. You couldn't have stayed there and waited with two kids in the car. That would have been dangerous. The good thing was that you sideswiped a police officer (good thing?) so then we could actually call and tell the person." Well, that was my crazy Monday? What did I learn? To drive more careful on County Road. To always be up front if I do hit someone's car...I learned this from John, he has left a note in the past with his name/phone number and the woman called back and was so happy he did that courtesy gesture, she didn't even care about the minor dent. And to not bring Julia and Mark into baby gap!!! The last time I brought them, which was months ago...Julia threw up in my car on the way home? Coincidence? I think not! :)


  1. Oh my goodness, what a day! It sounds like pure chaos! It's a wonder you didn't have a nervous breakdown. I probably would have done the same thing with the car, that is a tough situation! I'm glad you all made it through, and hopefully little Julia is feeling better now!

  2. Oh my word! I loved this post! First, I loved the sale, and then I loved the humor that you put into it. I'm so sorry for JuJu. Addie and Aunt Suzie will be praying for her.

  3. that is quite the day! these are the days that will make you so much more thankful for the calm, uneventful ones!


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