24 December 2012

Christmas etiquette

This year we have really had to review and practice how to behave at our different family celebrations. Especially after last year when after every gift Julia would ask, where's my other gifts?

It's our responsibility as the parents to demonstrate these right behaviors instead of just expecting awesome Behavior. I learned that well last year because it was the first year I was embarrassed at Christmas at my in laws. Every other year Julia and mark were just too little to even understand gifts. But last year at the ages of almost 4 and 2 1/2 they really got into gifts, as do most kids.

Julia's behavior wasn't awful but it was enough to be rude and slightly ungrateful. So this year we've had several family meetings where we discussed Christmas etiquette at the grandmas houses.

Here's what we've gone over:

1. You never ask for your Christmas presents. You wait patiently for the adults to announce it.

2. Once you open a gift you say Thank You! Then you go to the person who
Got it for you and you give them a hug.

3. When presents are all opened instead of asking for more start enjoying what you have.

4. Never ask, are there more gifts????

5. Remember this is Jesus birthday celebration and we are exchanging gifts out of love. No one deserves more gifts. Each gift is a treat.

I'm glad tonight we can practice at my moms house and hopefully by Christmas day the kids will have the hang of it at my in laws!!!!


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