15 December 2012


It was about time.

I just couldn't take the comments anymore.

I am officially deactivated from facebook.

I loved being able to keep in touch with friends and family all over the US but right now I need a time-out from the comments, criticism, and critics.

It's time to focus on the Lord, my family, and if I have the time, my writing.  I'm not going to be bombarded by rude people anymore.

Sadly, by biggest critics were christians.  My brothers and sisters in Christ have been the harshest.

On my blog I have a safe group of people who know me, love me, and have deep relationships with me.  They don't judge me because my family trick or treats, or doesn't believe in Santa, or is naming my son Micah.

Enough is enough.



  1. Good for you!!! I sometimes get tempted to deactivate around election time, because I get so irritated by peoples comments, it takes a lot of restraint to keep my mouth shut!

    Us Christians need to have each others backs, not be tearing and bringing each other down!!! The world does that enough as it is.


  2. I hear you, I really hear you. Hang in there.

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  4. Kristi, my dear Sister in Christ, here's a story: I was on facebook last year for one day (not even) and deactivated that very same evening, because I didn't like what I was reading on other people's facebook and I thought "is this what I want to do with my time?" and it wasn't. So good for you and I've certainly got your back! Love ya, Ilse :)

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  6. Good!!! How terrible for others to think that they must have such negative comments about your life!! So wrong!! I'm glad you're here! :D ...and we love Mr. Micah already! From his name to the ten tiny toes we get to see in March!!

  7. I can't for the life of me think of what you have ever written on Facebook that wasn't encouraging or uplifting or just random things about your family! You aren't exactly posting controversy. I am so sorry that it's fellow believers who are criticizing you. For what it's worth, we did do trick or treating, we didn't do Santa, and I love the name Micah!!! <3

  8. Thank you all for your support. Your words are really sweet and encouraging. Not looking to be back on FB any time soon!


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