18 December 2012

Saying Goodbye

In Newton, CT children are going back to school today.

Not the children of Sandy Hook Elementary.

At that school parents are preparing funerals for their 6 year olds.  I can't even imagine preparing a funeral for a six year old.  I can't imagine the small casket and the grief.

Lord, please be with these families who were so tragically hurt on Friday by this shooter.  I also pray for the shooter's family who is left behind wondering, Why?  Why would this young man do this?  Why hurt his own mother and innocent children and faculty members?

Evil is present.  There is a spiritual battle going on that we do not see.  But God is good.  All the time.

I thank God for protecting the children who went home that day and the teachers who became heroes by protecting their students.  There are glimpses of goodness and heaven all around even in the midst of evil.

Sat*n is alive and well.  But Christ has the victory.

As CT resumes back to life as they know it, and say goodbye to friends and loved ones, I pray for healing.  And I pray for Jesus to come back quickly.


  1. So very very heartbreaking!! Praying for peace and comfort for the families! :(

  2. God is good. Came over from the Mingle. I hope you and your family have a great Christmas.

    Julia @ Mom on the Run x2


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