20 December 2012

My Marvelous Mother in Law

 Let me preface today's post with this:  There will be times I choose to highlight certain people in my family, certain people in my life, or just a random stranger, that doesn't mean that I don't love everyone in my life.  It just means that since this is my blog, and since certain things are put on my heart to write about, and since some people do things that impact me greatly it inspires me to write.  I know I also have an amazing mom, but today I am choosing to highlight my fabulous MIL, just because!

 I would never use my blog as an outlet to hurt people, slander people, intentionally and unintentionally, my purpose to blog is just to write what's on my heart.  Period.  So if my blog ever offends you please remember that is not the purpose or the intention of my blog and remember chapter 1 of Purpose Driven Life says: It's Not About You!  Something I as a woman am constantly working on is to not let silly things offend me. 

This week, my mother in law babysat the kids for a few hours so I could get my hair cut and styled.  It was so lovely of her, especially during such a busy time of the year.  One thing I love about my MIL is that she is not a last minute person!  She and I are organizers, cleaners, planners and think-aheaders (pretty sure this is a made up word), and so we have a lot in common.  I gave her this date a week or two ago and she kept it open for me!

I really love asking my MIL to babysit (although it is hard for me to ask sometimes because I don't like admitting I need help, but hey, with the third on the way, let's face it, I need help!)  I love asking her to babysit because she always goes the extra mile.  She always washes the dishes, or folds the laundry or cleans something I missed and no one tells her to do it, she just does, and she is also known for spoiling our puppy Paris who is oftentimes neglected!

I also love asking her to babysit because she really really plays with the kids.  You will find her on the floor, building a tower, or coloring a picture, or watching a movie, or blowing bubbles outside.  The kids always have a fun time with her.  And let's face it, she doesn't charge me!  Finding free babysitting is a dream come true this year, especially when babysitters are $10 an hour.

This past Wednesday my poor mother in law was faced by some really tough questions from my 4 year old Julia: where do babies come from and did God marry Mary to have baby Jesus?  Oh, my poor MIL.  These questions were asked Tuesday night in the car after taekwondo and at home at bedtime with daddy.  Apparently our answers did not satisfy her.  And the poor kid gets very frustrated if you just answer: It's just a miracle honey!

I'm praising God today for extended family who is always willing to chip in and help and for smart little 4 year olds who bring me to my knees in prayer!

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