17 December 2012


Beware Proud Mama on the Loose

This past weekend Julia had a make-up Chinese exam from when she had the flu.

This kid studied like she was studying for the SATs.  She would go to bed at 9:30 (which is late for her) because she wanted to practice with her dad how to say, and write her numbers.  And let me tell you, she was driven.

I was actually nervous for her when she and John left on Saturday morning to go to Chinese school.  Within an hour, Daddy texted me a picture of a smiling girl, with her exam in hand and a 100 at the top!  John said not only was he so proud of her, but the teacher was beaming (Julia is the only non-Asian in the class).  She was so happy for Julia and so proud of how well she did.  Her progress report said that she is enthusiastic, learns quickly, and works hard in class.  You have to remember, Julia is only 4 years old.  This is NOT her native tongue.  It's 3 hours every Saturday (with a break in between) and she knew NO ONE when she started this Fall.  

I am so proud of her!  I was really proud of the fact that she CARED how she did.  That my 4 year old is learning how to study and take pride in her work at such a young age.  

 Since we are on the topic of my baby girl...this past Tuesday we had our December MOPS meeting (Mothers of Preschoolers).  This is a christian organization nationwide.  I started when Julia was about 10 months old, and I have loved it ever since.

This past meeting was our Christmas themed get together, and the kids had a special visitor come and share the gospel story through the use of puppets.  Apparently, during the story, they needed helpers.  Now I have two very different children.  Julia has no problem raising her hand.  Mark is more timid.  But Julia is very sensitive to her brother.  They are in the same class.  During the show when the puppeteer asked for volunteers Julia saw how upset Mark was getting because he was being overlooked.  He had tears in his eyes apparently (I was with all the moms, but my friend Danielle relayed the story to me).  Julia raised her hand and said (loudly), "can you please pick my brother Mark, you have to pick Mark!"  And they did.  And all was well with the world.

SO, not only am I proud of my daughter academically this year, but also I have seen a growth in her with how lovingly, and tenderly she treats her brother (not at all times of course) but when she sees him hurt, it breaks her heart, and I love this about her.

Thank you Lord for Julia's 100 in Chinese school, her awesome progress report, and her sweet behavior she demonstrates toward her younger brother.

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