05 December 2013

Every Mom Has A Story: Amy Delmanto


Every Mom Has A Story: Amy Delmanto

I have known Amy since we were younger because of our church.  We grew up at SWBC in Old Bridge.  Amy was always a few years ahead of me so I never got to be in youth group with her, but I was in youth group with her younger sister who is only a year older than me.

Recently Amy and I have gotten close as we have had our babies around the same time and she attended the Bible study I was leading (and was my "secretary" she was such a big help to me!) We also served together in Awana as Sparky secretaries, which Amy still does!   We also served together on the Women's Ministry board at church.  I can honestly say working with Amy is awesome because she is always on time, works hard, and can always be depended on.  She has great ideas and knows how to put them into action.

Amy is just simply a fun person to be around.  She is funny, and so smart and witty, and she always has something exciting going on in her life!  Whether it's Sydney's soccer game (her oldest daughter featured on the far right) or a funny Lucas story (her 3 year old son) or something cute Ella did (her youngest daughter with the adorable head full of curls.  She and her husband Aaron are a great couple who love the Lord and work hard to provide for their family of five!  Amy and I both tease each other because we are both Type A, typical first born personality, where everything has to be neat, organized, lined up, and crossed off or checked off on our list of to-dos.  We are both teachers by trade, and Amy is excited to be back in the classroom this year teaching Middle School Science!

Here is Amy's Story...

When you first found out you were going to be a mom what was your reaction?

I was so excited when I found out that I was pregnant the first time.  It had taken longer than I thought it would to get pregnant (6 months of trying) so I was thrilled to see that first positive pregnancy test.  Unfortunately, that first pregnancy did not make it to birth.  I lost three more pregnancies after that first pregnancy test.  The fifth positive pregnancy test was not as exciting as the first.  It did not seem real.  I was afraid that I would lose that baby too.  That baby made it full term- my daughter Sydney!

2.    When you brought your newborn home did you feel overwhelmed?

Explain those first few weeks.  It all started at the hospital.  We couldn’t even figure out how to get Sydney into her car seat.  We were two college graduates and we couldn’t put a baby into a car seat!    I knew then that I was in for way more than I ever thought I would be!

3.    How do you juggle working inside/outside of the home and family time?

The only way is with the Lord’s help!  I can’t tell you how many times I find myself praying throughout the day!  The Lord has also blessed me with a wonderful support network.  My husband, Aaron, is extremely helpful.  He is a “get your hands dirty” kind of dad.  He gets up at night if one of the kids starts crying so that I can get enough sleep to get up for work.  He changes diapers and gives baths. He also cooks!  Did I mention he has two brothers that are single and available?

4.    If/when you were a sahm what did you love most about it.. what was the most difficult?
I had the blessed opportunity to be a SAHM for three years.   After I had my son Lucas in August 2010,  I stayed home for the next three school years.  During that time, I also gave birth to my daughter Ella.  I went back to teaching when she was a year and a half old.    Having been both a working mom and a SAHM,  I have opinions on both.  I know it is a controversial statement, but for me, being a SAHM was more difficult than being a working mom.  I don’t know if it has to do with my type A personality or the fact that I love teaching.    Being a working mom allows me to be both a mom and a teacher.  Also, teaching has a work schedule that is helpful to being a mom.

5.    Who inspires you to be a good mom?

There isn’t just one answer to that question.  I think I am inspired by a bunch of different moms.  Each mom adds one part to what kind of mom that I am.  First of all, my mom, she modeled for me how to juggle work with being a mom.  She was an inspiration!  When we were young, she worked a full time job and finished her degree.   I also draw inspiration from many of my mom friends.  So many of them do such a great job balancing being firm and fun, something I strive to do. 

6.    What kind of mom do you want to be remembered as? Fun, firm, consistent, happy, serious, hard working, etc 

Can I be remembered as all of those?  I have no idea how to answer this one?  Being remembered as just any one of those would not be enough.  You can’t be fun and not firm.  You can’t be happy and not serious.  I hope that I am remembered as being a good mix of all of those things.

7.    What piece of advice would you give a new mom and even an experience mom out there? 

One thing that I find helpful as a mom is to have a hobby that is all my own,  one that doesn’t include my job, husband or the kids.  It helps to have a creative outlet for myself.  For me that may be scrapbooking, reading or blogging.  It is nice to have some “me” time.  I would advise other moms to try not to feel guilty for taking some time for themselves. 

Wishing you all the best this school year Amy!!! You are amazing at all you do!!!
You are a great mommy!

To read more about Amy...check out her awesome blog at Some of the Best Things in Life Are Mistakes!!!



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