01 December 2013

The Jesus Story Book Bible

The gospel safely into the hands of our children...

It is so important to John and I that our children learn about God by reading the Bible.  Right now they need an age appropriate Bible that they can grow with and read the stories of the Bible and understand how God created the world, how He created us, how much He loves us, why Jesus came to earth, and how Jesus will come back!  We want them to learn the gospel message, that we are sinners in need of a Savior, and that our Savior Jesus is truly a hero!

I want them to want to read the Bible.  So many children's Bibles are too simplistic, or not engaging, or they skip around so much it's hard to find the true flow of the Bible from Old Testament to New Testament.  Until now!!!

A friend of mine from my BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) class has three children also ages 10, 8, and 6.  And she highly recommended I buy this for my kids.  I bought it today, and we LOVE it.  My 5 year old daughter can NOT put it down.  She keeps reading it out loud to us.  She loves it!

So if you are still needing a Christmas gift idea...here is a great one for little kids!  I bought my copy at Barnes and Noble!  It was very reasonable...only $16.


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