13 December 2013

Those Crazy Baby Hormones

After Julia Was Born...

The weeks after Julia was born, I was sore from an all natural delivery, hated breastfeeding because it hurt so bad, tired because my adrenaline was so high I couldn't sleep, and so completely overwhelmed with a newborn that at times I wondered...what was I thinking having a baby?!

And Julia never ever cried, she was happy and content and such a good sleeper.  It was just me.  I was so completely new at the mommy thing and every little detail had me reeling.

I have to share this crazy hormone story because looking back now it is hysterically funny, but of course while it was happening it was NOT!
It was about a month or so after Julia's birth, and I was finally ready to bring her to church.  I wanted her to have the perfect outfit, the perfect shoes, her hair all in place as she met friends at church for the first time.  John wanted to have a specific fish dinner that night (we were having guests over for dinner).  So he decided it would be a great idea to go to the fish market on Sunday morning on route 18 before we went to church.  Now, all of you know, life before kids is a piece of cake, you do what you want when you want to.

But now Julia was here, and she had her schedule, and I had to get dressed, get her dressed, feed her, and pack the diaper bag.  Well, John came home late.  Which meant we would be late to church.  Which meant the perfect church outing was turning out to be NOT so PERFECT.  Ummmm, did I mention I was a perfectionist?  Did I mention I HATE to be late?  Did I mention that I hate when things don't work out as I planned?  Did I mention my hormones WERE COMPLETELY crazy at this time?

Well, John pulls up in the driveway, with a big smile, because he got the fish he wanted.  I proceeded to take the car keys out of his hands and throw them, YES YOU HEARD ME, throw them across the street to our neighbors yard...OH MY WORD...I WAS LIVID.

YOU Made us late!  The baby and I have been waiting.  NOW we will be late to church and I don't even want to go to church.  (I always want to go to church).  Then I proceeded to slam the front door, people??!! Oh, my heavens I was a crazy lunatic lady.

John told me to sit down and calm down.  I proceeded to cry my eyes out for about 10 minutes.  And there you have it people.  I hat a 29 year old tantrum.  And who was to blame?

The crazy baby hormones.  (and my lack of experience, self control, and need to be perfect).

We ended up not going to church, but we did have a great story to tell our friends that night.  And we laughed, and laughed and laughed.

My advice now to new moms is to just enjoy those moments at home with your baby.  Don't stress about being perfect.  Don't worry if it doesn't all make sense just yet.  You will find your mommy rhythm and it will all make sense eventually.  And by week 6 you will be a mommy pro!  I promise!

Take it from me...three kids later, I love breastfeeding, and would have another baby in a heartbeat!  All the purposeful pain is totally worth it!



  1. I love the pic of you and your husband. Its so sweet. I too throw a fit like that sometimes and I don't even have pregnancy to blame for it :)

  2. Your stories are wonderful Kristi, it's nice to know people are as nuts as I was with pregnancy hormones.

  3. aw. I can't even imagine you doing that, but you are human! xoxox Casey


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