05 December 2013

Super Fun Christmas Activities For The Kids

Making The Most of Your December

I have tried to have all my Christmas shopping, and wrapping, and prep done in the month of November so that December could be all about enjoying the holiday season with the kids.  I don't want my kids to feel like Christmas time is stressful or rushed.  I want them to truly look forward to it and ENJOY it.  Here are 10 activities we are doing this month to make December a very special time.

1. Drive Thru the Christmas Story- Last weekend we took the kids to the live Nativity scene at SWBC in Old Bridge and they loved it!  My four year old son cried as we left because he wanted to get back in the line of cars and here the Bible story all over again!  We ate popcorn in the car and listened to the Luke 2 account of when Jesus was born.  The kids saw angels, baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, shepherds, live animals, and even Jesus carrying the cross.  It was amazing to see the biblical account come to life.

2. Create an Advent idea and do something special each night.  We wrap 24 Christmas themed books and movies (these are already in our possession we did not have to buy anything...this is very cost effective, and if you need to build up your library like I had to 3 years ago, shop at thrift stores, your local library or after Christmas is over to get discounted prices)  Each night either Julia (odd nights) or Mark (even nights) opens up a book/movie and we read it or on the weekends watch the movies and we get to anticipate the season each night for the whole month!  Plus, who doesn't like reading a book each night before bed and opening a present!?

3. Happy Birthday Jesus- This weekend we will be attending Body & Soul's puppet story event which is a Christian book store in Jamesburg, and the event will be all about Jesus.  Again, I like events like this because it focuses on the true meaning of the holiday and not just gifts, gifts, gifts.  But also its a special day out, it's a puppet show, and it's quality time with my big kids.  Many people take their kids to see the Rockets or the Nutcracker over the holidays.  This is another special way to do something nice with the kids.

4. Shopping for Siblings- This year was the first time we took Julia (5) and Mark (4) out shopping at the dollar store for their siblings.  Oh, it was so fun to watch as they lingered over stuff for themselves all while "shopping for their brother or sister".  The kids really enjoyed going to the dollar store (they were allowed to get 3 gifts for the other...baby Jesus got 3 gifts!) and they really enjoyed learning how to wrap a present.

5. Baking Cookies- Every year we invite Aunt Laurie and Grandma Judy over to bake Christmas cookies!  My kids love to help and cook in the kitchen, any excuse for putting on an apron and getting dirty!  We pick a day of it, and bake and then eat lunch together.  It's a great way to spend time with those you love!

6. Making a Gingerbread House- Grandma Donna always makes gingerbread houses with the kids!  They love using the icing and sticking on all sorts of yummy treats on their house.  And Grandma Donna always has extra candy and sweets to eat!

7. Christmas Caroling- Get a bunch of your friends and go door to door one night and sing Christmas carols.  We love this.  You bless the people in your neighborhood.  You get to spend time walking around with the kids outside.

8. Peddlar's Village Christmas Festival with the Weavers!!!  Towards the end of the month, but before Christmas we are heading to Pennsylvania to visit one of our favorite families and meeting at Peddlar's Village to see how beautiful they decorate, do some fun shopping, walk around, catch up with our Weaver family, and I'm sure ice cream and hot cocoa will be in our bellies by the end of the day!

9. Mommy and Julia manicure time!  Our girl tradition is for me and Julia to go to the salon to get our nails painted for some beauty and girl bonding time.  We are going this Saturday since on Sunday we are taking Julia to see Annie on Broadway!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait!!! NYC here we come!

10. Visiting NYC- Christmas time is the most exciting time to visit the city to see the lights, catch a broadway show, see the tree in Rockafeller center and maybe even go ice skating!!! Our kids saw the tree for the first time last year.  I'd like to take all of them again this month!  We like to visit John's job too so they can see where daddy works every day!

Whatever you and your family do, be sure to have lots of love and laughter...and make some great memories of quality time together!!! It doesn't have too cost a lot to make a beautiful memory.


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