26 December 2013

The Day After...

Decluttering after Christmas

We have a rule in our home.  Whatever new that comes in replaces something old that must go out.  

So today, I will help the kids go through their drawers, and closets and we will spend the day organizing their new clothes and toys, at the same time getting rid of ones that we can donate to Goodwill or throw out.

Mark's Room

Mark got a lot of Super hero costumes and new clothes so we definitely need to make more room in his closet.  I've noticed that Mark only wears a few of his shirts (because he wears his favorites over and over and over) so I want to make his clothes more accessible to him somehow.  Also, we store all of Micah's clothes in Mark's room and so I need to organize Micah's clothes as well.

Julia's Room

Julia got another American girl doll and a barbie head to practice hair styles.  I want to help her display all her dolls neatly!  My little string bean is growing like a weed.  We have lots of new clothes to replace the ones that just don't fit her tall body anymore!  She also got some great new books so I want to help her get rid of some baby books (maybe pass down to one of her twin cousins).

Our Room

John and I got lots of new clothes, new linens for the bathroom, and I really need to re-organize my closet!  Now that all the Christmas gifts are gone that I was hiding in our closets I can really do a deep clean in my room...finally!

Today will be an organizing type of day with lots of down time for the kids to play with their new toys...I'm still wondering why I bough Mark a microphone and Julia a guitar...my quest for quiet will not be had today!!!

Happy Decluttering!


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