10 February 2014

And Then There Was Love: Angela and Tom

Love & Marriage

I met Angela at Grad School back in 2002.  We both graduated from Baptist Bible College in 2005 and our wonderful Dean was Dr. Hartzler who truly impacted all of our lives to be the best, godly, teachers we could be and be a Living Curriculum and shine for Christ.

Angela and I have stayed in touch over the past few years through facebook!  She is a sweetheart!  Read her love story...

1.     When did you two meet? 

We met on a Christian dating web site called Sovereign Grace Singles.

2.   Who approached who first? 

(Angela) I wrote to Tom first.  I had taken advice from a friend to use the site to be an encouragement, not to worry about if this was “the one.”  So, I read something on Tom’s profile that I responded to by trying to just encourage him.  He said he probably wouldn’t have written to me first, because I was 8 years younger, and he didn’t think I was in his age range.

3.     Who spoke the most and who was shy in the beginning?  

     When we started writing back and forth on the site, it was pretty equal, but then when we moved to phone calls, Angela spoke more (still does!)  J

4.     Where was your first date? How did it go?  

(      (Angela) Tom came down to visit me in NY.  The first outing was to dinner at Friendlys.  Tom was very nervous and laughed nervously the whole time.  The next day, he came to pick me up to go on a walk in the park.  As I was wheeling to his car, my wheelchair hit a bump, and tipped forward, throwing me out.  He handled it like a champ, laughed with me, and helped me get back up.  That’s when I knew he was a great guy.

5.     When did you know that Angela was the one! How long did it take to learn this. 

     (Tom) I knew that Angela was the one when I came to visit her the first time , at the end of our visit, just before I left.  (About 3 and ½ months after we “met” online).  I realized that she did have the qualities I was looking for as a spouse.  We got along great in person, and it confirmed what I had suspected on the phone. 

6.     How did Tom propose?  Were you surprised? 

(    (Angela)  Tom proposed on Thanksgiving 2008, at the Allentown airport.  I knew he was going to propose.  We were practically the only ones in the airport, and we had a soldier take our picture right after he proposed. 

7.     What is Tom’s best trait? 

    Faithfulness. He loves God and God’s word.  He’d rather read the Bible than anything else.

8.     What is Angela’s best trait?  

     She’s caring.

9.                        How do you solve disagreements? 

(       (Angela) We’re still working on this one.  I run headlong into conflict, and Tom    avoids it at all costs, so this causes conflict which I run to and he avoids, ect, ect. Ect.    J 

10.                        How do you share/divide housework?  

(       (Tom)  I do most of the outside work (Angela – especially snow shoveling this winter)  and Angela does most of the inside work (Angela – but Tom is great about sweeping the floor!)  I am Angela’s sous chef if I’m home when she’s cooking. 

11.                        What trips have you gone on as a couple that were very special?  

(        (Angela)  We went to Toronto for a honeymoon the summer after we were married.  It was really fun exploring the city, and we even went to a Blue Jay’s game!

12.                        What is the best part of being married?

(     (Tom) I enjoy coming home to be with her, because I know she loves me. 

13.                        If you could go anywhere in the world on a vacation with your spouse where would you go? 

(       (Tom) We want to go explore more cities in Canada and the US -  to Vancouver and Chicago sometime in the near future.  We’re looking forward to a trip to Boston for a cousin’s wedding this year.

14.                        If you could sum up your marriage in two words what would they be?   

(       (Tom) Learning unselfishness

     Thank you Tom and Angela!!!! May God continue to bless you guys richly!



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