19 February 2014

My Aunt Marie

Meet My Aunt

Everyone has that special 
someone in their family that they love to talk to, can relate to, and admire.

For me, my Aunt Marie has been that person! She is beautiful, smart, funny (really funny) and a great mom and wife.

Aunt Marie and Uncle Mark used to live on the East Coast nearby in Metuchen, NJ. I used to love to visit her home because she and uncle mark had a pool!

They moved many years ago because of a job change for Uncle Mark, and they now live in sunny California. I'm really glad for facebook so I can keep in touch with them and hear how great their son Paul is doing in college! Uncle Mark and Aunt Marie pastor a church in CA and I know they are a blessing to their congregation. We named our son Mark after Uncle Mark because of the impact Mark had on John when we were dating. John and Mark have a really special friendship and whenever Mark visits the east coast these two try to get together and they stay up all night talking about God and the Bible and just bonding. I'm so thankful for both my aunt and uncle. They spoiled me when I was little and took me on my first plan ride to Florida to Disney World. I will never forget that trip as an 11 year old and the fun I had with them. They treated me like I was their daughter.

Aunt Marie is one of my favorite aunts because of her style, neatness, and organization. And let me just tell you I loved her walk in closet and all her shoes! She is just what I wanted to be like as a wife and mom, organized, put together, and always inviting people over and making them feel welcome. Her family is from the South and let me tell you, she knows southern hospitality!

Her house has always been the fun house! I interviewed my aunt to find out how life as a mom was for her...please read her amazing story. I love her wisdom and advice, it really helped me put things in perspective as a mom of two boys.

1. What is the best part of being a Mom?

The best part of being a mom is that the Lord entrusted me with the care of another 

human being. There is a person on this Earth calling me "mom!'

2. What is your greatest fear as a Mom?

My greatest fear is that Christ wouldn't be first in his life. 

3. How has God prepared you to be a Mom?

God told me early on that being a mom is a gift. The child's needs come first, enjoy the 

journey, tell Paul 3 things everyday: I am proud of you; I love you; There is no such thing 

as "I can"t. 

4. What advice would you give to a Mom raising boys?

Respect them as boys and they are NOT little girls. They get dirty, they don't always pay 

attention to little details, they like to play rough and it is imperative to give them their 

space as they grow and try to find their path to becoming a man. Enjoy every activity/sport 

they try and encourage them everyday. BE ORGANIZED! It isn't fair to raise children in 

chaos. Make sure you find time for yourself and your husband. Remember, you were a 

couple before you became parents. Let your child see affection between their mom and dad 

and never ever fight in front of your children. Children find a way to blame themselves for 

adult problems. 

5. How did you create a fun environment at home?

I don't think I considered our home the "fun house." Yes, our home was always filled with 

friends because Paul and his friends knew they were always welcome-day or night. When 

they were in high school(and even now even though Paul doesn't live here full-time) and 

they went to a party, they all knew they could sleep here. We treated his friends like "extra 

sons" so today as young adult men, they still reach out to us...


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