24 February 2014

Twin Baby Shower

My Sister

We are so happy for our sister Laurie and her husband Kelsey!  They are due this spring with twins!  This weekend we held the baby shower at my Mom's Clubhouse.  We had a great turn out and Laurie was extremely blessed with clothes, diapers, books, play yards, bouncy seats, double stroller, bedding, hand made blankets, you name it, they got it!  We saw lots of lavender and blue.

My mother and law and I were a great team and the day went so smoothly.  Laurie's friend Michelle made the favors, chocolate covered pretzels!  Our goal for the day was to bless Laurie and Kelsey's socks off and after helping her home and bringing all the gifts back to her house!  She truly was blessed.  Laurie announced the names of the babies...Ava and Nikolas Seon!  We are so incredibly happy for them and can't wait to hold those sweet babies in April when they come!  Twins! Twins! Twins!  God is so good!


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