20 February 2014

10 Things I Like About You

Creating Sense of Love and Positive Thinking in the Home

I don't know if it's been the snow, being cooped up at home, full moons, or what, but my kids have been sort of mean to each other lately.  "Get out of my room!" I hear Julia say, or "Julia, I don't like it!!!!!!!!!" screams Mark.  Normally these two are best friends.  They are only 17 months apart and really only know life together and basically fall apart with out each other (well, mark does anyway).

God gave me a great idea in the shower this morning.  Give them a love assignment where they have to stop and think about what they like, love, or appreciate about the other person.  I gave each big kid 3 sheets of paper.  At the top the paper said Daddy, Micah, and Julia or Julia's said Mark.

They had to draw that person and then list 10 things they like/love/appreciate about them.  They both did Daddy and Micah's first! I thought that was funny.  And then they really started to think about what they loved about the other person, they listed things like, they play with me, they spend time with me, they read to me, etc.  It was really sweet.  I think we need to do more activities like this once in awhile so we remember why we love each other!


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