21 February 2014

Time For A Change

Just Do It

When Julia was 2 1/2 and Mark was 1 I cut my hair really short.  Not something every woman does, especially with curly hair but it was so freeing and wonderful.  It also made life so much easier in the morning when I would comb through my curls in the shower.

I've always had long hair and I've always worn it curly for the most part.  For special occasions I like to get it straightened and it's very deceiving because it's even longer looking when it's straight!

But today I just woke up and needed to cut it!  I cut off 2 inches and it felt great.  I'm so thankful my mom was able to babysit for two hours and allow me some mommy alone time.

I walked out of that salon a much lighter, happier, care free person!  


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